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If we were an automobile...
 We'd like to think of ourselves as the Corvette or a Ford Raptor or any fun car parked next to the wife's minivan. We are and would be one sweet time with loads of fun that anyone who goes on the ride with us is sure to love it. Even if you despise the guy in the red corvette you’re likely to admit it’s a fun ride. 

If the competition were an automobile... 
Some are likely have of good memories for its time but id like to compare them Ford Model T. It's a great classic but if you put it on the road today you’ve gotta spend some time cracking it’s engine up before its ready to go, sounds fun? Yes but once it’s on the interstate what a bumpy ride with the miles on those tires, the aftermarket radio if there is one, its fuzzy. Let’s not mention the other amenities it lacks to modern rides, by this time the wife, the kids, the friends, are already bored and not coming back to revisit memory line with you. There is a reason why you don’t see them on the road today. Now we love Henry Ford, he was an American icon. Some people believe Ford invented the first gasoline automobile, he didn’t, that went to Karl Friedrich Benz of Germany. Don’t believe all these misconceptions about who was the first, they are just fishing stories from grandpa’s.

Our Point is- Cars have evolved and our show has with fresh entertainment that is lively.  

Not to take away from believer's word of God but rather we are referring to the word or in this case words, Original Hermit Crab Races and the discussion of its origin.  

Others may state they are the first or original but the truth is they aren't even close. Before we get into a long story about crab racing and its history that only hermit crab nerds (we love you) and would be competitors will read (thank you, we are flattered) , we want provide you a simple comparison. 

Origin of the league

From the 17th through the 19th century, upon their travels, Europeans found themselves in the indo –pacific watching locals doing Hermit Crab Races with the  Coenobita perlatus, a terrestrial hermit crab that is known as the strawberry hermit crab. 

By the time the 18th century came around Europeans familiar with the hermit crab racing past time  from  the indo –pacific region noticed the Coenobita rugosus and Coenobita variabilis in its native lands of Australia and the east African coast to the south west Pacific. These breeds moved into the popular seashells including Babylonia, Nerita, Phasianella, Thais, Tonna and Turban. They are also found in several varieties of land snail shells such as Aratan snail and rice snail shells from these regions, which made great for hermit crab races which occurred during this time.

 By the time of the late 1800’s the Europeans, in particular, the Spaniards and an Portuguese who had settled into region of the west indies, Atlantic, Bahamas, Belize, southern Florida, Venezuela, the Virgin Islands, and the West Indies were familiar with the the established Hermit Crab Racing industry and trade used the native area  Coenobita clypeatus for races.and smaller league began to form. In some areas this hermit is known as the  soldier crab, the tree crab, and more commonly in America as the  purple pincher (due to the distinctive purple claw). 

By the early 1900’s the telegram of race results were out as a method of communication for those who could not attend live races and leagues formed all throughout and communicated by the way of telephone. By 1934 through the end of World War II, the World Hermit Crab Racing Federation, or more commonly known as “WHCRF” was formed and united leagues and the trade and shipping methods its its best race crabs like race horses.

As war time faded the settler trade later grew overtime from recreational military off duty service men and united leagues with the trade and shipping past throughout the world during time war time and beyond. It was later found these lovable pinchers had trouble surviving in some regions for long travels or the climate conditions. Around this time it was established regionally native crab circuits and the World Open in which multiple sub species raced on an annual basis in the circuit. This was common for these events in the gaming industry.

 By the end of the Vietnam War, the newer generation of people had less interest in Hermit Crab Races as NASCAR, Football, Casinos and Cruise Ships boomed. This period of time led to the league losing lots of this strong operators as attendance and revenue dropped to all-time lows with the gaming industry cleaning up races. The league rule related to mandatory 501(c)3 action moving toward charity events rather than gaming, initially the league focused on military charities but later expanded. Many members went rouge, becoming rouge traders, and operators at flea markets, cabana bars, and smokey saloons. 

Once Ronald Regan became President some of these rouge operators who broke from the federation had these leagues broken up and realized no choice but to break away from gaming. Most those remaining sold off to inexperienced would be buyers looking for the beach dream or next big bar game, some of these individuals did not have proper equipment for care and education for the integrity of the the events or the safety of the hermit crab itself. This left the league with an elusive membership requirements,similar to Augusta in Golf to protect the quality of the sport. In the early 2000’s we seen a revival of interest by enthusiast mixed in with some savvy surviving veterans who learned the trade from mentors of the war time era. By 2003 the league began accepting new members by passing the requirements of continuing education training, Hermit Care, sales training, a code of conduct, integrity, and sportsmanship. The Association hired Hollywood and Las Vegas scriptwriters to combat stiff competition of battling careless and inexperienced one man event operators. it’s been a challenge rebuilding the integrity of Hermit Crab Races but we are slowly getting there. Now, Cruise Lines, Fortune 500 Companies, Conventions, Festivals, and Resorts are looking for Hermit Races as an activity. Its commonly, known the World Hermit Crab Racing Federations is the only to scale 501(c) nonprofit league. Raising money for legitimate charity. We’ve found people, and companies alike prefer reputable name with honor, game skill, and a fun league, which is what we believe we offer.